Try these 7 tips to foster optimism and resilience in your overweight child:
1) Believe in your Children.  Assure your children that you are on their side and that you expect then to be the best person that they can be, although you don’t expect them to be the best at anything.  No one is perfect.
2) Find other adults who believe in your children.  Teachers, aunts, uncles, neighbors and friends can help you make a positive difference for you overweight child.  Other adults that can see beyond the weight and also believe in your child can help your child take control of their lives.
3) Encourage your children to stay interested in activities.  Let them know that their interests are valuable and deserve to be developed, whatever it is.
4) Celebrate your children’s winning experiences and help them to accept defeats graciously.    Let your child know that you appreciate their efforts and positive attitude win or lose.  Positive attitude and effort is for more important than victory.
5) Encourage upbeat conversations about the future.  Assume they are going to college and thinking about good careers.  Let your child know that you believe they are capable.
6) Be a role model for perseverance.  Be sure your children hear you say that some tasks are difficult, but that you are not a quitter. 
7) Facilitate family fun and laughter.  A family that can joke, laugh, and lighten up their day’s with humor can help to prevent negativity and tension.
The adolescent and teenage years is often considered the most difficult years in life, especially for an overweight teen. Many peers of overweight children do not accept them further fostering negative self-perception. Research shows that parents who nurture a positive attitude and actively show their children qualities of resilience and optimism make dramatic differences that continue into successful healthy adult years.

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